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1/2pt Wooden Till Basket--pack of 20

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We love to use these smaller, wooden basket as a way to display our produce, like blueberries, tomatoes, and raspberries, when our supply is low. They are the perfect way to distribute products at the start of the season and near the end of the season to ensure you have enough for everyone. 

These hand woven, natural colored, wooden baskets are as good as it gets. These are a great way to set your table apart from the rest of the crowd. These are also a great addition to create a break in monotone colors, or to separate varieties of similar products. We like to use these for display purposes and re-use them many times over. However, they are at a price that they can be given away to entice more buyers.  


4" x 4" x 1.5"



What makes these one of our favorite items is the manufacturers. They have no need to boast about "going green". That is because they have always been green.

Here is a quote from their website: "Our modern facility begins the process with raw poplar wood obtained from local timber harvesters. From there it is veneered into thin strips of wood and hand crafted into a finished basket, each one as individual as a snowflake. The excess wood is then turned into mulch, to be distributed throughout our state to be used for boiler fuel and gardening."


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